Oliver D. Smith, independent researcher. 📧

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Curriculum Vitae


  • MA Classical Studies, The Open University.
  • BA (Hons) Classical Civilisation, University of Roehampton.
    • Dissertation: Atlantis and Euhemerism: Geomythology.
  • AS/A Level Classical Civilisation, National Extension College.

Work experience


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Print ISSN: 2635-0890.

Buy copies: Amazon, Lulu.

  • Smith, Oliver D. “An Alternative Site for Troy on Imbros (Gökçeada)”, Kerberos: KCL’s Classics Undergraduate Research Journal 2, no. 2 (2020): 61–70.
  • Smith, Oliver D. “Hesiod and Geomythology”, Logoi: The Oxford and Cambridge Undergraduate Classics Journal 1, no. 1 (2018): 1–11.
  • Atlantis in Greece (Morrisville, NC: Lulu Books, 2014).

Out of print.

  • Smith, Oliver D. “Atlantis as Troy? A Rebuttal of Eberhard Zangger’s Hypothesis”, Damysos: Roehampton’s Undergraduate Classics Journal 1 no. 1 (2012): 4–9.
  • Smith, Oliver D. “Atlantis in Thessaly”, Damysos: Roehampton’s Undergraduate Classics Journal 1, no. 1 (2012): 1–3.

Conference Talks / Abstracts

  • “Greek Myth and the Relict Hominoid Hypothesis: Satyrs and Neanderthals”, The Open University Classical Studies Postgraduate WiP Day (Milton Keynes, May 9 2019).
  • “Atlantis: Fact or Fiction?”, University of Roehampton (London, April 24 2013).