The Map of GTA: San Andreas

In April 2003, the video game magazine Playstation 2 Max (formerly Playstation Max) asked readers to send in ideas for how Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas should look like. At the time, the game was in its early stage of production (the title was announced in March 2003) and Rockstar North’s developmental team were requesting map designs. Playstation 2 Max offered to award the best map with a year’s supply of Playstation 2 games (I was 13 at the time and decided to enter the competition). In July 2003, I was informed by a letter in the post I won, but as a joint winner. The year’s supply of games (ten in total) was split – one of the games I won was The Mark of Kri. The editors of Playstation 2 Max later informed me Rockstar North were interested in the map ideas printed in issue #59 (plus this was also hinted on page 104), “Rockstar could do a lot worse than take some of your ideas on board”, but did my ideas make it into the game..?

Scan of pages 106-107, issue #59 of Playstation 2 Max (July 2003). My map design idea appears on the right. Although the map concepts are said to be for “GTA4”, the game was GTA: San Andreas. Click here to zoom in.