Steve Sailer

I am not Johns, Danak or Brain Galaxy

Last updated: April 28, 2023

Having rebutted Emil O. W. Kirkegaard’s demonstrably false claim I created (and recently edited) Bryan Pesta’s RationalWiki article, I discovered a few misleading tweets Kirkegaard had posted earlier this year about Steve Sailer’s article on RationalWiki. Emil Kirkegaard on January 31, 2023 tweeted the following:

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Kirkegaard habitually lies. None of these accounts are mine:

  • Johns is a sysop with tens of thousands of edits. Based on their userpage, they were born in 1966 and are a part-time chef; he also worked as a tour guide in France. Needless to say, this is not me. The edits on this account are primarily on dieting and nutrition, which I have minimal interest in.
  • Danak. A bot (mostly to correct trivial spelling mistakes). I was never granted access to botting.
  • Brain Galaxy. A case of mistaken identity. This account added content on Michael Woodley’s article about cryptozoology hence the account was (understandably but wrongly) blocked as me. Note someone emailed me in May 2022 asking me to list Woodley’s cryptozoology publications.

While it is true I have edited Steve Sailer’s RationalWiki article, this was 8 years ago:

My three edits to the page in July 2015 merely added some hyperlinks, when I was a sysop (Krom).

Unz Review

For reasons unknown, Sailer on January 29, 2023 wrote an article about me on Unz Review. The article titled “Psychotic Wiki” strangely copies my list of publications on my Humanities Commons page, which confused some regular readers of Sailer’s blog. I am not sure why Sailer thinks I have anything to do with RationalWiki anymore. I quit editing in 2020 and even requested for the admins to delete all my articles – I am a persona non grata there because of Kirkegaard (who is banned). RationalWiki basically got fed up with both of us over Kirkegaard’s constant complaints, legal threats, and so on. I cannot really blame them and do not hold a grudge. Kirkegaard’s RationalWiki article has been rewritten by different editors.

I formerly used to leave comments on Unz Review under my real name (Oliver D. Smith). I was never a fan or regular reader of the Unz Review (which is cesspool of fake news, anti-Semitism, and conspiracy theories). Against my better judgement, I posted comments after I was maligned in a bunch of articles by one of Kirkegaard’s attack-dogs named Anatoly Karlin. Kirkegaard sued me for three comments I wrote on Karlin’s Unz Review blog, despite I was provoked. I upheld them all as honest opinion. Kirkegaard’s frivolous defamation lawsuit was a failure. In July/August 2021, I stopped commenting on Unz Review and asked Ron Unz to any delete comments I posted on Karlin’s blog; my comment archive is now blank.

Roger Yate

Kirkegaard is also lying, when he tweeted I still comment on Unz Review:

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I suspect Roger Yate is one of Kirkegaard’s pseudonyms to frame me. I do not spell the word sceptical as “skeptical” (i.e., American English). Kirkegaard would need to explain why in only this single comment I spelt sceptical as skeptical; on my blog and social media I never spell the word with a “k”. He slipped up. Kirkegaard uses fake names and aliases himself (one of them is Peter Goldstein). He legally changed his name to William Engman, but still uses ‘Emil O. W. Kirkegaard’ as a pseudonym. He sporadically leaves comments on Unz Review as Kirkegaard as well. It is apparent he likes to wrongly accuse me of his own behaviour. Whatever he falsely accuses me of, is a good indication he is guilty. What an absolute nutcase.

Nathan Cofnas et al.

Hilariously, Kirkegaard tweeted this transparent lie as well:

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Nathan Cofnas’ article was deleted years ago. Did I get a time-machine to “compulsively edit” it?🤦‍♂️