Supplement and Errata

The Wildman of China: The Search for the Yeren

I planned to add a table documenting modern sightings of the Chinese wildman (yeren) as an appendix to my monograph (Smith, 2021). I didn’t finish it when I submitted my manuscript to Sino-Platonic Papers so I’ve reproduced the table below as a supplement.

Date of sightingLocationClosest distance of eyewitness(es) approx.NotesSource(s)
1940Gansu Province?Alleged yeren corpse observed lying beside roadGreen, 1984: 88–90; Dong, 1984: 175–176
1942Hubei Province?Eyewitness (13 years old) claims soldiers captured a yerenJaivin, 1985: 30
1947Hubei Province?Wren, 1984; Shackley, 1986: 86–87
1950Shaanxi Province650 feet (200 meters)No clear line of sight because of dense forestDong, 1984: 177
1950Shaanxi Province?Alleged yeren infant and mother came “very close”Dong, 1984: 177
October, 1964 Sichuan Province100 feet (30 meters)  Mute eyewitness; communication by hand-signallingGreenwell & Poirier, 1989: 49
October, 1964 Sichuan Province 300 feet (90 meters)Greenwell & Poirier, 1989: 49
1970Hunan Province?Bord & Bord, 1984: 63
May, 1975 Hubei Province?Eyewitness says alleged yeren was “standing not far” awayBord & Bord, 1984: 64
May, 1976Hubei Province6 feet (2 meters)Six eyewitnesses; Shennongjia forestry workersGreenwell & Poirier, 1989: 48
June, 1976 Hubei Province20 feet (6 meters)Green, 1984: 90; Dong, 1984: 180
October, 1976 Hubei Province?Alleged yeren spotted walking “dozens of meters” awayDong, 1984: 181
June, 1977Shaanxi Province5-6 feet (1-2 meters)Green, 1984: 90–91; Dong, 1984: 190
July, 1977 Shaanxi Province12 feet (3-4 meters)A ditch seperated the alleged yeren and eyewitnessGreen, 1984: 91; Janet & Bord, 1984: 66
August, 1977Sichuan Province50 feet (15 meters)Dong, 1984: 186–187
August, 1977Sichuan Province130 feet (40 meters)Unreliable eyewitnesses, mainly reported hearing a soundDong, 1984: 187
March, 1978Guizhou Province?Alleged yeren is said to have thrown wood on a campfireWren, 1984
September, 1979Hubei Province1-3 feet (1 meter)Alleged yeren is said to have grabbed the eyewitnessWren, 1984
1980Hubei Province4-5 feet (1-2 meters)Green, 1984: 91
Feburary, 1980 Hubei Province200 feet (60 meters)Jaivin, 1985: 38
Feburary, 1980 Guizhou Province?Eyewitness claims to have caught a yeren in a trapWren, 1984
May, 1981Sichuan Province25-30 feet (8-10 meters)Two eyewitnesses; both young children (8 years old)Greenwell & Poirier, 1989: 49
April, 1981 Sichuan Province10 feet (3 meters)Greenwell & Poirier, 1989: 49
September, 1981Hubei Province3300 feet (1000 meters)Long distance sighting from peak of a mountainJaivin, 1985: 38
September, 1993Hubei Province90 feet (27 meters)Zan, 2007 
1995Guangxi7-10 feet (2-3 meters)Krantz, 1997–1998
1995Guangxi?Alleged yeren “somewhat farther away” than 2-3 metersKrantz, 1997–1998
April, 1995Hubei Province1600 feet (500 meters)The eyewitness says he used binocularsMeldrum & Zhou, 2012: 58
June, 2003Hubei Province?Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a yeren run across roadZan, 2007 
September, 2005Hubei Province50 feet (15 meters)Meldrum & Zhou, 2012: 58
November, 2007 Hubei Province164 feet (50 meters)No clear line of sight; two alleged yerens behind shrubberyZan, 2007


On page 7, “50 percent” should read “over 50 percent” (Poirier estimated 52%).

On pages 2, 10 and 16 “A Brief History…” should read “A Brief Bestiary…”.

On page 16 there is a slightly incorrect title for a Grover Krantz paper (see below).


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Zan, Jifang. “Hubei Bigfoot–Fact or Fiction?”, Beijing Review (December 20 2007).

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