Emil Kirkegaard v Oliver Smith

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard is a vexatious litigant from Denmark. In 2018, he filed a frivolous libel suit against me in the High Court of Justice – he lost the preliminary issues trial in 2019 and discontinued the lawsuit shortly before the summary judgment hearing in 2020. He owes me £35,971.67 + post-judgment interest (at 8% per annum) in legal costs, but refuses to pay and remains in contempt of court for noncompliance and breaching a costs order. I am currently countersuing Kirkegaard to enforce the judgment debt under Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012.


Legal Updates

20/01/2022: I start enforcement legal proceedings against Emil Kirkegaard.

18/12/2021: A fundraiser has been created for donations to assist with enforcement.

01/11/2021: I recover £13,403.60 after complaining to the Legal Ombudsman.

12/10/2021: Emil Kirkegaard is in contempt of the High Court of Justice.

28/10/2021: The final costs certificate (£26,686.43*) is served to Emil Kirkegaard.

*Kirkegaard additionally owes me £2,563.24 interest on these costs.

Final Costs Certificate.

21/05/2020: Emil Kirkegaard discontinues 11 days before summary judgment.

09/04/2020: Unless order. Emil Kirkegaard owes me a net-balance of £6,722.00.

11/12/2019: Preliminary judgment is made public: BAILII, 5RB, CaseMine.

10/12/2019: Emil Kirkegaard owes me £13,500.00 in legal costs.

04/12/2019: Emil Kirkegaard loses hearing.

26/11/2019: Preliminary issues trial.*

*Issues of meaning and whether the words complained of were written as statements of fact, or opinion.

22/05/2019: Adjourned hearing; relisted for November 26 2019.

07/12/2018: Emil Kirkegaard files a frivolous defamation lawsuit against me.