Emil Kirkegaard v Oliver Smith

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard is a vexatious litigant who filed a frivolous lawsuit against me, lost the preliminary judgment and dropped the case shortly before summary judgment; he owes me £35,971.67 in legal costs but predictable for his unpleasant character – refuses to pay and is in contempt of court. I am counter-suing him in Denmark to enforce the judgment and order.

Emil Kirkegaard (image used under §30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988).

18/12/2021: A fundraiser has been created for donations to assist with enforcement.

01/11/2021: I recover £13,403.60 after complaining to the Legal Ombudsman.

12/10/2021: Kirkegaard is in contempt of the High Court of Justice for noncompliance.

28/10/2021: Kirkegaard owes me £35,971.67 in legal costs.

21/05/2020: Kirkegaard discontinues 11-days before summary judgment.

11/12/2019: Preliminary judgment. Kirkegaard loses and is ordered to pay me £13,500.





Costs Orders

Final costs certificate

Final costs certificate showing Emil Kirkegaard owes me £26,686.43 in legal costs. This order does not include additional interest he owes (£2,563.24), nor the unless order (£6,722.00) he breached. His debt is £35,971.67.